Autumn Chicken Salad

 Autumn Chicken Salad

This autumn chicken salad has all the fall quintessential flavors of sweet potato, apple, dried cranberries and walnuts, along with a sweet and savory dressing. This chicken salad is so good, you’ll be eating it by the forkful!


Chicken Apple Sweet potato Dried cranberries Walnuts Red onion

Mayonnaise Plain yogurt Honey Dijon mustard Apple cider vinegar Garlic powder Onion powder Salt & pepper


Step 1: Combine dressing ingredients in a small mixing bowl until smooth.

Step 2: Combine cooked chicken, apple, roasted sweet potato, dried cranberries and walnuts. Add dressing and toss well.

Ways to Serve:

-Traditional chicken salad sandwich -Atop a bed of fresh greens -In lettuce wraps -As a dip -Open faced sandwich on toasted bread or cauliflower thin