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27 Products to Buy at Trader Joe’s in 2020

Do you love Trader Joe’s as much as I do? I am guessing you do since you are here reading this post. Or you are preparing to make your first trip this food haven and decided to do a little research before going. Good idea!

This list of products to buy at Trader Joe’s is based on my personal favorites. You will probably see many products that appear on other lists, and for good reason. However, there may be some products on here that don’t make the ‘best of’ or top rated’ lists, but I firmly believe they deserve some recognition!

Most of the Trader Joe’s items on this list consist of products I like to have on hand at all times. Some of these products I purchase during every trip to the store. This list includes old classics and some new products as of 2020. I plan to create an updated list at least once a year.

Below you find the list of products, including pictures, their price, a brief description and some of my favorite uses.

*Please note: I live in New York state and grocery stores here are not allowed to sell wine or liquor. I have never tried any of Trader Joe’s wine or liquor and therefore, do not make this list. *sad face*


Everything but the Bagel Seasoning

Price: $1.99
Description: Will you ever see a Trader Joe’s favorites list without this on it? No, you will not. It’s such a good seasoning. Sure you could easily make this seasoning mix yourself, but why bother when you can purchase it for two dollars. I always have this stocked on my pantry.
Uses: I love to top avocado toast, eggs, roasted veggie bowls, salads, crispy potatoes and of course, bagels!

Cauliflower Gnocchi

Price: $2.69
Description: If I had to pick my top Trader Joe’s product, this would be it! At $2.69 a bag, they are a steal, they are extremely versatile and the ingredients are great. They are low carb, gluten free and vegan. I love to pan saute them, bake them and air fry them. They have a hint of a cauliflower flavor (which I don’t mind), the texture is great and they crisp up nicely.
Uses: I like to have cauliflower gnocchi as a side dish for breakfasts, lunches and dinners. I also like to make cauliflower gnocchi skillets and bakes, where I throw in a protein, veggies and a sauce, and top with cheese.

Roasted Red Pepper Spread with Garlic and Eggplant

Price: $2.69
Description: A product that is definitely in my top 5 at Trader Joe’s and if you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know this. This spread has a delicious roasted red pepper flavor, with hints of garlic and eggplant. There is added sugar, but only 1 gram per serving and there are only 8 ingredients.
Uses: I like to spread this on toast. Sometimes I just do toast. and the spread, and sometimes I add pesto, an egg and everything but the bagel seasoning (awesome combo). I also love to dip roasted veggies in this and I’ve also made a pasta sauce out of it. You can find the recipe for that here.

Dill Pickle Hummus

Price: $1.99
Description: This is the newest product on this list and Trader Joe’s hit the jackpot with this one. This hummus has the perfect balance of traditional hummus and dill pickle flavor. If you love pickles, you will love this hummus. I go through a container in two days by myself!
Uses: Obviously as a dip for tortilla chips, pretzels and veggies. I also like to add it to grain bowls, roasted veggie bowls, salads and spread on toast.

Three Layer Hummus

Price: $3.49
Description: This product is a combination of three hummus flavors in one container: traditional, cilantro jalapeno and spicy. I feel this hummus is severely underrated as you get so many flavors in one and the flavors are spot on. My favorite is the cilantro one, but that is because I LOVE cilantro. I promise the spicy one isn’t too spicy, has just the right amount of kick.
Uses: Same uses as the dill pickle hummus, just depends on what flavors I am in the mood for.

Vegan Cashew and Kale Pesto

Price: $3.79
Description: My favorite store bought pesto, and for an absolute steal! Despite having no cheese, this pesto has really great flavor. You get extra nutrients from the kale and I promise you cannot taste it (just basil like traditional pesto)
Uses: Pasta sauce, on toast, on cauliflower gnocchi, on eggplant and chicken parm, on wraps, salads and in omelets. The possibilities are really endless.

Butternut Squash Ravioli

Price: $2.99
Description: This was the first flavor of Trader Joe’s raviolis that I discovered and I was instantly hooked. The filling is a bit sweet, which I know isn’t everyone’s thing. However, they are perfect in the fall and winter time. They store well in the freezer if you don’t want to use them right away and they cook up in a few minutes, which makes them a convenient and easy side dish to have on hand.
Uses: I found the best way to serve this is simply with melted butter, possibly some crispy sage leaves and a pinch of salt. You could add chicken sausages and roasted butternut squash to turn this side dish into a main meal.

Sun Dried Tomato and Goat Cheese Ravioli

Price: $2.99
Description: I discovered this flavor more recently and quickly became my favorite Trader Joe’s ravioli. I love having this flavor in the spring and summer. The goat cheese is seasoned well and balances the sun dried tomato flavor. Again, these freeze well and take only minutes to prepare, so an ideal quick side dish.
Uses: I love to toss these ravioli in pesto and have them as a side to chicken or eggplant parmesan or tossed in butter and served along side a roasted, stuffed chicken breast and blanched broccoli

Cage Free Eggs

Price: $2.89
Description: Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite places to purchase eggs. ‘Cage free’ is a fairly loose term when describing eggs, but I feel confident in Trader Joe’s ones. A good indication of well fed chickens is the yolk color, when it is a deep, golden yellow that means the chickens are fed a more nutritious and well rounded diet (this however, does not change the nutrients found in the eggs). Their organic eggs are great as well, with just a slightly higher price point.
Uses: All standard uses for eggs. My favorite cooking method is sunny side up!

Quinoa and Black Bean Infused Tortilla Chips

Price: $2.99
Description: My chip of choice when shopping at Trader Joe’s. These tortilla chips are slightly thicker than regular tortilla chips, have a great, almost nutty flavor, awesome crunch factor and just lightly salted.
Uses: I love dipping these into the Dill Pickle Hummus and the Three Layer Hummus as well as queso and salsa .

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray

Price: $2.99
Description: I always have this product stocked in my pantry. There are no propellants, which I prefer for taste, texture and health wise. The nozzle allows you to spray a direct stream or in a mist. I personally think the flavor is great and the price is on point.
Uses: I use this to spray my saute pans and skillets before cooking and I also spray my veggies, meat, cauliflower gnocchi before putting them in the oven or air fryer to help them develop a crispy outside.

Baby Broccolini

Price: $2.99
Description: Baby broccolini has a longer stalk than traditional broccoli, but is also more tender. I enjoy eating both the stalk and the floret and it’s a nice change up from regular broccoli.
Uses: As a side dish with chicken, salmon or steak or cut up and tossed into pasta dishes

Raw Creamy Almond Butter

Price: $6.49
Description: The BEST nut butter for drizzling, which makes for pretty food photographs. It’s also delicious
Uses: Drizzle on oatmeal bowls, banana bread, apple slices and toast.

Cashew Butter

Price: $7.99
Description: I love Trader Joe’s cashew butter because it is the cheapest cashew butter I have been able to find. Cashew butter has the most neutral flavor out of all nut butters and great for producing a cookie dough flavor making sweet treats.
Uses: Great for baking and for making my No Bake Cookie Dough Bites

Unexpected Cheddar Cheese

Price: $3.99
Description: This product is a must try! It is an aged sharp white cheddar cheese with bits of parmesan in it, which is the ‘unexpected’ part. It’s crumbly, salty and a bit nutty.
Uses: Great for cheese boards, adding to burgers and sandwiches or just eating straight from the package!

Gorgonzola Gnocchi

Price: $3.29
Description: The most underrated gnocchi product at Trader Joe’s! The sauce on these traditional gnocchis is so deliciously cheesy and savory and luscious. Don’t let the gorgonzola part scare you, it is a very mild gorgonzola flavor.
Uses: As a side dish with steak or buffalo chicken/cauliflower.

Corn and Flour Tortillas

Price: $1.99
Description: I love the flavor of corn tortillas; however, most store bought corn tortillas are hard and crumble when you try to bend or fold them, even when heated up. These Trader Joe’s tortillas are the perfect blend of corn and flour, so you get the flavor of corn tortillas with the flexibility of flour tortillas. It’s a win win!
Uses: Tacos, taquitos,

Cowboy Quinoa Veggie Burgers

Price: $3.69
Description: These are a recent find for me but I believe these are a long time product. The flavor is so delicious, with a bit of a southwest feel. I love the addition of breadcrumbs on the outside, which give this veggie burger a unique texture and crunch, which I love.
Uses: I love heating these up on the stovetop for lunch. I eat them in a lettuce bun with sliced avocado. They are also delicious with the Trader Joe’s Cowboy caviar on top as well.

Peanut and Crispy Noodle Salad Kit
Price: $3.99
Description: This salad kit has romaine lettuce, cabbage, carrots, celery, green onions, cilantro, chopped peanuts, crispy rice noodles and the best peanut lime dressing that you could literally drink. Serving size on the bag says 4 but I could eat a whole bag on my own for a lunch or dinner.
Uses: Makes the best lunch on its own or as a side to an Asian marinated chicken breast or salmon filet.

Mexican Style Roasted Corn

Price: $3.29
Description: This is a frozen product that contains fire roasted corn, a cheesy southwestern sauce and salty cotija cheese to crumble on top after cooking.
Uses: Delicious as a side dish, tossed with pasta or ravioli, atop tacos or salad or baked into a cheesy dip.

Perfect Bars

Price: $1.99
Description: This is not a Trader Joe’s product but I could not complete this list without Perfect Bars. I get at least one bar every time I go to Trader Joe’s. I like to get them at Trader Joe’s because they are cheaper here than most grocery stores. My favorite flavor is Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter.
Uses: As a mid morning or mid afternoon snack or dessert.

Honorable mentions:
These are products I also love but only purchase occasionally

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Price: $4.29
Description: I feel like I would be kicked out of the food blogging community if I did not include these on this list. I do like them a lot, I just don’t purchase them that often as I tend to not keep a lot of chocolate in my house. These peanut butter cups are like Reese’s however, I find them to be less artificial tasting and obviously made with dark chocolate instead of milk. So a tad healthier, right?
Uses: The perfect size treat for when you’re just looking for a little something sweet. Also great chopped up and tossed into baked goods like cookies and brownies.

Frozen Appetizers

Price: Varies
Description: This is more of a category rather than a single item but I feel the need to shout out Trader Joe’s frozen appetizer selection. It is excellent, and even better around the holidays. If you hosting a party and hate cooking, just take a trip down Trader Joe’s freezer aisles and grab a handful of their frozen appetizers. I personally love their spinach and artichoke dip, the chicken tikka samosas, brie pastry bites and the creamy roasted cauliflower and onion dip.
Uses: Stock in your freezer for easy entertaining or for when you need a delicious snack or side without the work.

Burrata, Prosciutto and Arugula Flatbread

Price: $4.99
Description: This is my favorite frozen Trader Joe’s ‘pizza’ (the Organic Roasted Vegetable Pizza is a close second). You bake the pizza with the burrata and arugula on it, then add the prosciutto after cooking. It is the perfect blend of melty burrata cheese, salty prosciutto and peppery arugula. I’ve definitely eaten an entire flatbread by myself before.
Uses: Keep in your freezer for an easy dinner or for an appetizer when entertaining, just cut it up into smaller pieces.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Price: $3.69
Description: I commend Trader Joe’s for their selection of frozen Indian meals. I have tried many other frozen and self stable Indian meals and while most are good, Trader Joe’s entire selection is on point. From the flavor, spice level, texture and sauce to meat ratio, these are a winner, especially paired with their naan. My favorite meal is the Chicken Tikka Masala but their Paneer Masala is also delicious.
Uses: Bring to work for an easy lunch or keep stocked in the freezer for a quick and easy dinner.

Mediterranean Style Salad Kit
Price: $3.99
Description: My second favorite salad kit. I personally do not like the prepackaged salads (the ones in the containers). They tend to be higher in fat and sodium and are not as good of a deal as the bag salads. The mediterranean salad kit has some of the best mix ins, including seasoned bread strips, feta cheese, dried tomatoes and roasted chickpeas. The red wine vinaigrette is also delicious without overpowering the other flavors.
Uses: As an easy lunch or a side dish to chicken, spinach and feta meatballs or falafels.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi
Price: $2.99
Description: This is a seasonal product and I couldn’t complete this list without mentioning at least one fall product (Trader Joe’s has the BEST fall products). These sweet potato gnocchi come in a delicious butter and sage sauce. The sauce can be a bit heavy, so I like mix in veggies or meat to extend the sauce.
Uses: As a side dish or as part of a sheet pan meal with apple chicken sausages, Brussels sprouts and cubed sweet potato or butternut squash and then tossed all together once cooked.

I hope you found this list helpful! Let me know your favorite Trader Joe’s products in the comments below!

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